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What is Deepblu?
Deepblu is about sharing the love of scuba diving, freediving and the ocean.
Diving Community

Connect with divers around the world on the fastest-growing diving platform.

Dive Booking

Find and book your next dive from the largest selection of dive experiences.

Dive Logs

Make the most out of your dives by preserving your dive memories with digital dive logs.

COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

Dive Computer designed and built for the new generation of divers to collect digital dive logs.

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Introducing Deepblu

Revolutionize your dives below the surface and continue your dive adventures above the surface on Deepblu. In Essence, Deepblu is a social community for scuba divers and freedivers. Record your dive experience while it is fresh on your mind and preserve memories you’ve created. Share your dive logs and connect with dive buddies around the world.

Deepblu Diving Community

Fastest-growing Diving Community

Share your dives and ideas with other divers around the world on the fastest-growing diver community. Join the conversation simply by writing a comment, making a post, creating a dive log, and uploading photos and videos.

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Digital Dive Logs

Best Community for Sharing Dive Logs

Create your own interactive digital dive logs with the best dive log app and logbook out there. Upload dive logs from various supported dive computers or by using Subsurface. Add photos, videos, notes and other details to your dive logs.

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Planet Deepblu

Find & Book Dive Experiences

Explore new countries, regions and dive spots through the lens of other divers and our in-house editors. Read stories and reviews from all over the world. Plan and book fun dives, certification courses and dive trips on Planet Deepblu.

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Deepblu COSMIQ⁺

Dive Computer of the Future

Capture your dive adventures and create memories with the most innovative dive computer. Get real-time dive duration, depth, NDL and much more. Record your every dive simply by wearing COSMIQ and taking photos and videos.

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