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Planet Deepblu is a dive booking marketplace that grants access to the greatest dive experiences in the world. Discover, plan, and book your next dive all in one place on Planet Deepblu. Find out more on the dive locations and dive operators before you booking to make the most out of your vacation and avoid tourist traps.

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Looking to dive over the weekend close to home? Planning for your two-week “dive and travel” trip aboard? With over 30000 dive spots worldwide on Planet Deepblu, we are sure you will find the perfect locations to dive. See dive logs, photos and videos taken at the dive spot above and below the surface.

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As divers, we understand that dive spots can be hit or miss. With over 60,000 reviews and counting, you can quickly find out what other divers think of every dive spot on Planet Deepblu. So you can be confident of your choice in dive location before actually making the trip.

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Planet Deepblu has over 300,000 photos and videos from divers around the world. You can now see recent snaps of each dive spot before deciding to go there yourself. Essentially, every dive spot has its own gallery of on-site photos and videos. With Planet Deepblu, reality can finally match up with expectations.

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The operator of your dive experience is just as important as the itinerary itself. This is why we ask dive businesses and experts to introduce themselves on their Deepblu business profile page. We encourage dive businesses to make frequent posts to give you a taste of what it’s like diving with them. Get an all-access pass to dive shops, dive resorts, liveaboards, and other dive businesses on Planet Deepblu.

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