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Deepblu Dive Logs

#1 Platform for Dive Logs

Dive logs should be fun and beautiful. With Deepblu’s interactive digital dive logs, you will never lose track of your dives or have to write a dive log by hand again. Deepblu automatically plots your photos and videos to the profile of your dives when you upload them onto Deepblu from our app or website.


Deepblu Dive Logs

How to Record Dives on Deepblu!

Keep memories, share stories and verify logs online!​ Create an interactive dive log with beautiful visual timeline on the best digital dive log app.

Dive Album

Dive Logs Enriched with Photos & Videos

The interactive Dive Album is the centerpiece of every dive log. Deepblu automatically plots photos and videos onto the profile of your dive logs. As you slide through each photo or video, the depth and dive time at which the photo or video was taken is displayed above your dive profile.

Dive Sites

Log where you dive

Log your Dive Location by selecting from our pool of over 30000 dive spots worldwide or by adding your own. Every dive you log on Deepblu is another piece of memory you add to your personal dive map and your journey as a diver. Earn badges as you unlock a new continent by logging dive logs on Deepblu.

Dive Gear

Adding Dive Gear to Your Dive Logs

The more dives you go on, the more dive gear you collect over time. This is why Deepblu lets you add dive gear to your dive logs. Diving suits, weights, 1st and 2nd stage regulators, BCDs, fins, dive computers, cameras, lens, housings, strobes… just to name a few. If you are using a different piece of dive gear for a particular dive, you can easily swap that too.

Air Consumption

Track How Much Air You Use on Each Dive

As divers, we know that Air Consumption is essential to your safety and enjoyment. With Deepblu dive logs, recording your air consumption is as easy as sliding a few bars. Keeping track of your progress to help you consume less air, ultimately getting you some extra underwater time!

Dive Conditions

Water and weather conditions on dive logs

Water and weather conditions you encounter can drastically change the experience of your dives. It can be a fun dive on a sunny day with 25m/ 75ft visibility or an drift diving expedition on a rainy day with less than 2m/ 6ft visibility. Either way, you don’t want to miss anything out from your dive

Dive Buddies

Tag Buddies & Share Your Dive Logs

Scuba diving is more of a team activity than an individual activity. Your Dive Buddies have your back and you’ve got theirs. Tag your dive buddies to show your appreciation and share a piece of memory you have together.

Dive Instructors & Guides

Tag Instructors or Guides & Have Your Dive Logs Verified

Whether you are a diver-in-training or a diver going on a fun dive in an unfamiliar location, there’s usually somebody showing you the ropes literally and figuratively. By tagging your Dive Instructors or Dive Guides, they can also verify and sign your dive log digitally.

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