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Become an Official Reseller for the Most Innovative Dive Computer on the Market

The COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is the first competitively-priced dive computer with wireless smartphone connectivity. Divers can wirelessly upload their dive data directly to the Deepblu app to create digital dive logs. Together with the Deepblu app, COSMIQ+ represents an all-in-one dive logging solution.

COSMIQ+ can also be used as the perfect dive computer to rent to your customers. It’s easy to use and allows your divers to capture and preserve their diving experience by easily creating digital dive logs on the free Deepblu app. Deepblu’s digital dive logs can help you provide added value for your business and a way to attract future customers.

What is a COSMIQ+ Reseller?

At Deepblu we have a simple, straightforward model for the distribution of COSMIQ+. Official COSMIQ+ Resellers can purchase COSMIQ+ for wholesale prices and act as a direct retailer to the final customer. Purchases are made directly from the Deepblu Webstore in quantities of 5 or more.

We take care of shipping and provide a full two-year warranty on all purchases. The Deepblu support team manages all customer inquiries, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any customer issues.


Any dive shop, dive center or dive resort with an active business license may apply to become a COSMIQ+ Reseller.

Apply now to become a COSMIQ+ Reseller and We will get back to you in 48 hours.

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