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Deepblu is the online community where scuba divers and freedivers continue their diving adventures above the surface.

Deepblu allows you to showcase your diving memories and discover dive-related content and news. Expand your scuba knowledge, share your underwater experiences and engage with other people like yourself—divers with stories to tell.

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Digital Dive Logs

Deepblu digital dive logs are beautifully enriched with photos and videos from your dive. Upload your dive logs from the COSMIQ+ or any Subsurface-compatible dive computer or create a log from scratch.

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Discover Wall

The Discover Wall is your gateway to the adventures of other divers. Scroll down through the best dive logs and other posts shared by Deepblu Divers. Stay informed, engaged and up-to-date with the latest scuba diving news, articles and original feature stories.

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Be part of a passionate community by joining discussion groups with other people like yourself — divers with stories to tell.

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Planet Deepblu

Planet Deepblu is an interactive map that helps divers find diving businesses, destinations and professionals all over the world.

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Deepblu Connect lets you use any supported dive computer with Deepblu. Wirelessly create stunning digital dive logs at just the push of a button without intermediary software or hardware!

Preserve Your Diving Memories, Digitally

Weave those precious underwater moments into a visual storyline of photos, videos and dive stories. Apply filters, adjust the color, crop the size, and show the world what you’ve seen. Deepblu’s dive logs are fun to create and stunning to behold.

Diver, Show Yourself

Count your dives, recollect the wonderful moments and look back on your accomplishments. Home to your digital logbook, your certifications, photos and videos, your Deepblu profile is your diver identity. Build it up and be proud.

Come Together

Deepblu was designed specifically to give divers multiple channels to connect and interact. Add people to your buddies list, tag them in your dive logs and interact by liking, sharing and commenting on each other’s posts and dive activities.

Keep Immersed in the Big Blue

Follow buddies and celebrity divers and see what's trending underwater: the Deepblu Discover wall lets you explore new topics and will spark passions that you never knew you had.

Join the Discussion

Deepblu’s Community Groups are home to a wide variety of interesting discussions on fascinating topics. Join discussions or start your own. Learn from others and share your knowledge.

Plan your Next Dive Adventure

Wondering where to dive next? Planet Deepblu is an interactive map of dive spots all over the world. See where other people are diving, what they thought, and check out their pictures and dive videos. Had a great time? Leave a review!

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The Deepblu Platform just keeps getting better.

We’re continuously releasing new upgrades to both the iOS and Android versions of the Deepblu app to enhance your user experience. Each upgrade adds new functions and improves existing ones. Nothing is perfect but we’re constantly working with our community to build the world’s best diving app. See below for a history of improvements.

Version 3.0.1

29 November 2017
  • Get full weather conditions, historical data, and seven-day forecasts.
  • Track your dives seasonally with time sorting in the gallery.
  • Add your avatar and log detail to the media lightbox.
  • Organizations and groups can now add filters to make their business pop and be found easily.
  • Improvements to performance make for a smoother experience.

Deepblu Brand Ambassadors

William Winram

Freediving world record holder

As a world-record-holding freediver, conservationist and founder of​ The Watermen Project, William Winram has devoted his life to diving and ocean conservation. His love for the ocean has greatly inspired us. We are proud to be working together with Winram to generate awareness and visibility for ocean conservation initiatives.

“Connecting people to the sea is one of the fundamentals in ocean conservation, and Deepblu will achieve just that. By sharing our dives, images, stories and love for the underwater world, we can inspire people to protect and preserve our oceans.”

William Winram

The Watermen Project

Deepblu Brand Ambassadors

The Watermen Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean conservation and awareness with a focus on sharks and other big pelagic fish. Founded by William Winram, the Watermen are freedivers who volunteer their breath-hold skills to assist scientists in their research by tagging, collecting biopsy samples or taking photos.

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