COSMIQ Firmware Updates

Firmware v.1.8

  • Enhanced Total Time accuracy shown in dive logs.
  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0.9m.


  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0.9m.

Firmware v.1.7

  • Enhanced Total Time accuracy shown in dive logs.
  • For shallow divers, activating depth has been elevated to 1.5m.
  • For Free Dives, ending depth has been adjusted to 0m and 1.2m for others.

Firmware v.1.6

  • New Freedive Mode alarm setting allows setting of three different depth alarms
  • Last dive time, deepest depth, and time elapsed since last dive now displayed on the surface in Freedive Mode
  • New Safety Stop display in Scuba Mode and Freedive Mode makes it easier to read safety stop time
  • Added a reading for time elapsed since entering decompression/ NDL exceeded in Scuba Mode
  • In Scuba and Bottom Timer Mode, the dive is now considered over if the diver spends 5 minutes above 2 m of depth instead of 2 minutes

Firmware v.1.5

  • Blend in with the blue: New brightness setting gives divers control over the display backlight while diving
  • Longer bottom times: Smart power-saving mode allows up to 12 hours of continuous diving
  • Mission briefing: New pre-dive screen shows all your settings at a glance
  • The Salt water and Fresh water settings were removed replaced by a High salinity setting
  • Enhanced sync screen shows settings as you change them in the Deepblu app
  • Log history also shows if a log was made in bottom timer or gauge mode

Firmware v.1.4

  • Added power-saving mode which extends COSMIQ dive time by up to 15 minutes by decreasing brightness when the battery level shows empty
  • Improved power management decreases COSMIQ startup time after battery runs out while diving
  • Fixed extremely rare bug where COSMIQ would show incorrect safety stop time

Firmware v.1.3

  • Fixed rare bug where COSMIQ would sometimes forget safety setting after restart

Firmware v.1.2

  • The 5m safety stop function now also takes water type into account

Firmware v.1.1

  • Adjusted safety stop initiation calculation.
  • Fixed incorrect surface interval display bug.

Firmware v.1.0

  • Replaced Gauge Mode with Bottom Timer Mode (COSMIQ+ only).

Firmware v.0.9

  • Added Fresh Water setting.

Firmware v.0.8

  • Added new setting for altitude diving.
  • MOD shown when setting oxygen level.
  • Added deepest depth reading in Gauge Mode.
  • ‘GAU’ displayed in Gauge Mode before diving.
  • Altered the No Dive Time and dynamic lockout function.

Firmware v.0.7

  • Added deepest depth reading in Scuba Mode.
  • Alarms added to remind users to charge COSMIQ’s battery when the battery power is extremely low.
  • ‘Err’ warnings indicating a lockout from Scuba Mode changed to ‘SUF’, advising users to stay on the surface.

Firmware v.0.6

  • Optimized battery consumption and modified battery power indicator.
  • Added timeout setting for OTA firmware upgrade process.

Firmware v.0.5

  • Added 3 Safety Factor options: Conservative, Normal, Progressive.
  • Added ability to adjust PPO2 limit between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.
  • Added ‘Err’ display message in Dive Plan mode when Scuba Mode is locked.
  • NDL bar shown above the surface.
  • Time and depth of last freedive shown in Freedive Mode above the surface.

Firmware v.0.4

  • Added Dive Plan function.
  • ‘NO FrEE’ display warning added to Freedive Mode after a dive in Scuba Mode.
  • No Fly Time adjusted to 24 hours after a dive in Freedive Mode.
  • Set the deepest depth to be shown in Dive Plan to 40 meters/130 feet or the maximum operating depth (MOD).
  • Surface Interval Time shown in both Watch Mode and Freedive Mode.

Firmware v.0.3

  • Restricted ability to shutdown COSMIQ to Watch Mode only.

Firmware v.0.2

  • COSMIQ able to show temperatures below -10°C/14°F.
  • Added automatic reboot function after upgrading firmware.
  • Introduced Scuba Mode lockdown if No Dive Time is over 30 minutes.