Dive computers and smartphones are everywhere and most divers have both. Alec shows a wrist dive computer that directly links to your smart phone to set preferences and connects to a diver social network app to share logs, pictures and videos around the world.

Компьютер для дайвинга Deepblu COSMIQ с прекрасным дисплеем встроенным аккумулятором и отличной ЦЕНОЙ.

榮獲The Best Scuba Diving Computers of 2017殊榮的Deepblu 即將在2018推出新版配件版,身為愛用者的海編們當然要加碼開箱分享一下這個好消息! 如果喜歡我們影片的朋友,記得要追蹤我們喔!!

Have you guys seen the new COSMIQ+ dive computer. We were sent one to review, so we checked it out, as well as their new scuba diver social media. Here is a comprehensive and honest review of both! Let us know what you think, and fit you join the platform, join the Art of Scuba Diving group!