The Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is a diver’s best friend. You can think of it as a smartwatch for divers, though actually, it’s more of a wearable computer. The COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ model, but this time around you’ll find a lot of great new features.

Divers searching for an affordable dive watch will be happy to know Deepblu have launched COSMIQ+, a fully featured dive computer that has log cloud syncing as well as rich social sharing features. The Taiwanese startup consists of a team of enthusiastic divers with a tech background. What makes their dive computers unique is the social aspect. Enabled by a platform via the Deepblu mobile app for smartphones, its grown to over 40,000 active members to essentially become a “Facebook for Divers”. A place where users can connect, make friends and get inspired for their next diving adventure.

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Divers searching for a new affordable dive watch computer which includes wireless Bluetooth technology as well as comprehensive dive logging thanks to its companion smartphone application, the Deep Blu Cosmiq+ might be worth more investigation. Offering six different modes including watch, scuba, bottom timer, free dive, dive log and synchronisation the Cosmiq+ dive watch is now available to purchase price that $399. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its features and companion application.

If your idea of an ideal vacation involves diving into the deep blue sea, there’s finally a service that can help you book that dream trip. Meet Planet Deepblu, a new booking platform for divers that calls itself “the Airbnb for diving.” It’s the latest offering from James Tsuei’s startup Deepblu — as the entrepreneur told TechCrunch, after Tsuei experienced firsthand the inconvenience associated with booking a dive in Indonesia, he decided he needed to create a more efficient process.

A platform has been launched for divers to book trips and communicate with dive businesses online. Online diving community Deepblu has added Planet Deepblu to its offering and says it hopes to become the ‘Airbnb of diving’. On the extension of its site, users can browse diving locations, browse ratings, navigate reviews, select dates, find pricing, set up, and book.

After it took James Tsuei a month of research and emails to plan a dive in Indonesia, he decided it was time for his startup, Deepblu, to launch a booking platform for divers. Planet Deepblu bills itself as “the Airbnb for diving” and is the latest piece of the diving ecosystem the Taipei-based startup is building.

Deepblu, the company behind the Diver Social Network of the same name and the Cosmiq+ Dive Computer, have today announced they are allowing divers to now book, manage, and communicate with dive businesses before, during, and after their trip, all in one place via their Planet Deepblu feature. With this release, Deepblu is joining a number of online booking tools available for divers in recent years.

Having worked in the dive industry for over 13 years, I still see divers coming on boats with paper logbooks, often with wrinkled pages and smudged ink. Occasionally, an innovative individual has created their own computer-based logbook, typically an unwieldy spreadsheet listing dates, locations, depth and times…

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