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繼上一次首次評測潛水電腦錶產品之後,居然發現我們的讀者群中也有對潛水感興趣的朋友。就在小編打算再接再厲尋找潛水相關的專題時,恰巧注意到來自台灣的新創公司 Deepblu,一家以「小米模式」自居的潛水相關 IoT 企業。他們首款產品是一支定價非常吸引的 COSMIQ 潛水電腦錶,配合在智慧型手機端的應用程式和分享功能,瞬間吸引得一群潛水新鮮人的青睞。潛水菜鳥的小編獲得了跟 Deepblu 創辦人 James Tsuei 訪談的機會,談及了潛水運動在這聯網年代的未來發展…

Deepblu, a Taiwan based scuba diving company has decided to cut out the middleman and are now looking for divers to plan their next trip using the new platform called Planet Deepblu. Rather than using an agency for extended diving trips, the community-based platform allows for open communication between diving schools and divers. Though Planet Deepblu what was once a drawn-out process that could take weeks has now been streamlined in a user-friendly experience marketplace.

“My whole career has always been in tech, but I have always loved the ocean,” sales and marketing professional James Tsuei shared with Travel Daily. As proof, the Taiwan-based veteran of Foxconn, iBase Technology and GiiNii Global has teamed up with local scuba diving and free diving enthusiasts as well as ocean explorers active in the tech industry, like co-founder Brad Chen, to form Deepblu…

Deepblu, a Taiwan-based scuba diving company, is cutting out the middleman for divers looking to plan their next trip with Planet Deepblu. Rather than using an agency for extended diving trips, the community-based platform allows for open communication between diving schools and divers. What was once a drawn-out process that could take weeks has been streamlined in a user-friendly experience marketplace. The program also integrates information from Deepblu’s dive computer, COSMIQ+, which allows for a more full social media experience after the dive is complete, as it doubles as a comprehensive dive-logging application.

Taiwan-based company Deepblu is leaving no stone unturned in its mission to bring the scuba diving world onto the cloud and into the sharing economy, and one of its latest offerings is Planet Deeblu, a booking platform that is being billed as scuba diving’s answer to Uber or Airbnb.

With ocean pollution enjoying unprecedented media coverage, what better time to launch a trip-planning platform that encourages the online dive community to share experiences. Very often business-to-consumer startups in the highly competitive online travel space, can find themselves in deep, shark infested waters. But James Tsuei, CEO of Deepblu Inc, believes he has found a relatively untapped billion-dollar market, and is on a mission to create the world’s biggest online social community for divers.

In 2011, James Tsuei, a scuba diver enthusiast, decided to plan a vacation and get his Open Water Diver certification, an entry-level autonomous diver certification for recreational scuba diving. But the process of planning and finalising the trip took a whole month, which consisted of hours of internet searching for suitable destinations and finding the right dive operator, along with multiple postings on dive forums looking for advice.

lmost two years to the day since its formation, DeepBlu has 20 employees and has already expanded with a branch in China.The company is not just another activity content site, but has a marketplace and other tools to give dive schools, shops and kit suppliers a way to reach customers.

The Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is a diver’s best friend. You can think of it as a smartwatch for divers, though actually, it’s more of a wearable computer. The COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ model, but this time around you’ll find a lot of great new features.

Divers searching for an affordable dive watch will be happy to know Deepblu have launched COSMIQ+, a fully featured dive computer that has log cloud syncing as well as rich social sharing features. The Taiwanese startup consists of a team of enthusiastic divers with a tech background. What makes their dive computers unique is the social aspect. Enabled by a platform via the Deepblu mobile app for smartphones, its grown to over 40,000 active members to essentially become a “Facebook for Divers”. A place where users can connect, make friends and get inspired for their next diving adventure.

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Divers searching for a new affordable dive watch computer which includes wireless Bluetooth technology as well as comprehensive dive logging thanks to its companion smartphone application, the Deep Blu Cosmiq+ might be worth more investigation. Offering six different modes including watch, scuba, bottom timer, free dive, dive log and synchronisation the Cosmiq+ dive watch is now available to purchase price that $399. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its features and companion application.

If your idea of an ideal vacation involves diving into the deep blue sea, there’s finally a service that can help you book that dream trip. Meet Planet Deepblu, a new booking platform for divers that calls itself “the Airbnb for diving.” It’s the latest offering from James Tsuei’s startup Deepblu — as the entrepreneur told TechCrunch, after Tsuei experienced firsthand the inconvenience associated with booking a dive in Indonesia, he decided he needed to create a more efficient process.

A platform has been launched for divers to book trips and communicate with dive businesses online. Online diving community Deepblu has added Planet Deepblu to its offering and says it hopes to become the ‘Airbnb of diving’. On the extension of its site, users can browse diving locations, browse ratings, navigate reviews, select dates, find pricing, set up, and book.

After it took James Tsuei a month of research and emails to plan a dive in Indonesia, he decided it was time for his startup, Deepblu, to launch a booking platform for divers. Planet Deepblu bills itself as “the Airbnb for diving” and is the latest piece of the diving ecosystem the Taipei-based startup is building.

Deepblu, the company behind the Diver Social Network of the same name and the Cosmiq+ Dive Computer, have today announced they are allowing divers to now book, manage, and communicate with dive businesses before, during, and after their trip, all in one place via their Planet Deepblu feature. With this release, Deepblu is joining a number of online booking tools available for divers in recent years.

Having worked in the dive industry for over 13 years, I still see divers coming on boats with paper logbooks, often with wrinkled pages and smudged ink. Occasionally, an innovative individual has created their own computer-based logbook, typically an unwieldy spreadsheet listing dates, locations, depth and times…

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In der TAUCHEN-Mai-Ausgabe haben wir acht neue Uhrencomputer auf Herz und Nieren getestet. Einen Blick hinter die Kulissen gibt’s im Video.