Deepblu Opens Regional Office in Australian Diving Hotspot

To keep a finger on the pulse of the diving industry, Deepblu opens a new office in Cairns, one of the most popular and famous diving locations around the world.

CAIRNS, 21 April 2017 – Roughly one year after the launch of its COSMIQ Dive Computer and the eponymous social network for divers and ocean enthusiasts, Deepblu establishes an office in theSPACE in Cairns, Australia, one of the world’s hottest diving locations.

With user counts exploding and a platform cozily buzzing with activity, the Taiwanese start-up is expanding rapidly and seeking to expand beyond its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and into other diving hotspots around the world.

“The international team we’re dispatching to Queensland will establish Deepblu’s presence among the diving community in this iconic diving spot and forge new bonds with local and international diving businesses,” says Deepblu CEO James Tsuei. “In addition, we will draw attention to environmental issues that plague the area.”

Cairns is best-known for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, which continues to attract millions of visitors despite severe coral bleaching owing to climate change.

Deepblu’s new office is established in part with funding provided by the Queensland Government, which seeks to make the state a top destination for interstate and international tech talent under the Advance Queensland and Hot DesQ programs.

The Hot DesQ program is a competitive application process with international and interstate entrepreneurs vying to receive up to $100,000 AUD in funding to inject new skills and experience into the state, as well as broaden connections and open access to global markets.

In the first round, Deepblu was one of the 25 companies from around the world (and the only one in Taiwan) to successfully secure the maximum funding of $100,000 AUD from the Queensland Government to establish a Queensland presence.

“We’re proud and grateful to have been awarded such a prestigious and generous grant,” Tsuei adds, “we see it as a confirmation that we’re on track to creating a global community that will appeal to the hearts of many Australians and inspire divers the world over.”

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Deepblu is the company behind the COSMIQ Dive Computer, the Deepblu online community for divers, and Planet Deepblu, where divers can discover, plan, and book their next dive. Deepblu is a team of divers and technology enthusiasts whose goal is to use technology and the power of the internet to revolutionize the diving community and lifestyle.