How do I turn the COSMIQ on or off?

The COSMIQ can be switched off by pressing and holding both buttons for 3 seconds. To switch the COSMIQ on, you can either press and hold for 3 seconds or connect the charger to turn it on automatically.

What is COSMIQ+? How is it different from the original COSMIQ?

COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ. The COSMIQ and COSMIQ are nearly identical, but the COSMIQ+ is available in a wider range of colors and replaces Gauge Mode with Bottom Timer Mode. This mode was designed to allow technical divers to monitor staged decompression stops. Both models will continue to receive firmware upgrades from Deepblu.

How is the Bottom Timer Mode different from Gauge Mode?

COSMIQ+ in Bottom Timer Mode is very similar to COSMIQ in Gauge Mode. The difference is that COSMIQ+ displays two additional readings: average depth and a secondary dive time, stage time.

COSMIQ+ will start tracking these values when the bottom timer kicks in at the beginning of the dive and both of these measurements can be reset at any time during a dive by pressing the ADJUST button

Can I update my original COSMIQ to have the Bottom Timer function?

Unfortunately, no. The COSMIQ+ underwent slight hardware adjustments to accommodate the Bottom Timer Mode.

Is my original COSMIQ obsolete?

Your original COSMIQ is absolutely not obsolete. It will continue to receive future firmware upgrades, which will be identical for both the COSMIQ and COSMIQ+. Any valid warranty claims will receive a replacement COSMIQ unit.

I’ve made a warranty claim for my original COSMIQ. Can I get a COSMIQ+ instead?

Unfortunately, no. Any valid warranty claims made for an original COSMIQ will be replaced with an original COSMIQ unit.

What dive modes does COSMIQ have?

COSMIQ has 3 main dive modes: Scuba, Freedive and Bottom Timer Mode.

Does COSMIQ support Nitrox diving?

Yes, the oxygen levels on COSMIQ can be programmed between 21% and 40%.

Is there a multi-gas function?

COSMIQ does not offer a multi-gas function.

What algorithm does COSMIQ use? Can the algorithm be adjusted?

COSMIQ uses a proprietary decompression algorithm based on the Bühlmann ZHL-16C model. The algorithm can be adjusted to one of three Safety Factor settings: Conservative, Normal or Progressive.

Is the PPO2 level adjustable?

Yes, the PPO2 setting can be adjusted between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.

Does COSMIQ support air integration?

COSMIQ does not support air integration at this time.

Does COSMIQ support high altitude diving?

Yes, COSMIQ has two altitude settings: Sea Level and Above 300 meters/985 feet. When set to Above 300 meters/985 feet, COSMIQ automatically detects the ambient pressure in the atmosphere to determine the altitude at which you are diving. For your safety, please make sure you have proper training and diving gear, and that you know your high-altitude diving tables when you're diving at altitude. Always follow the most conservative plans (between COSMIQ and diving table).

Does COSMIQ support fresh water diving?

Yes, COSMIQ has both a Salt Water and a Fresh Water setting. Since this function was not available in the original COSMIQ models, make sure you upgrade

What accessories does COSMIQ come with?

Every COSMIQ package includes:

  • COSMIQ Dive Computer
  • NATO Wrist Strap
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Bungee Cord
  • Screen Protector x2
  • Carrying Case

How do you change the settings on COSMIQ?

The Deepblu mobile app is necessary for adjusting the majority of COSMIQ’s settings, including time and date, measurement units for distance and air pressure, and for creating digital dive logs. You MUST download and install the Deepblu app in order for COSMIQ to operate properly. Only a limited number of settings can be changed manually using COSMIQ so it is imperative that you download the Deepblu app to properly adjust your settings.

The following settings can be changed using the Deepblu app:

General Settings

  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Screen Timeout: (10 seconds to 2 minutes)
  • Measurement Units (Metric or Imperial)
  • Date Display (Current date or last dive date)
  • Default Underwater Mode (Scuba Mode, Bottom Timer Mode or Freedive Mode)
  • Altitude (Sea Level or Above 300 m/985 ft)
  • Water Type (Salt Water or Fresh Water)

Scuba Mode

  • Safety Factor (Conservative, Normal or Progressive)
  • PPO2 Limit (1.2 bar to 1.6 bar)
  • Air Mix (21%-40%)
  • Time Alarm (10 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Depth Alarm (5 m/16 ft to 50 m/165 ft)

Freedive Mode

  • Max Depth Alarm (15 m/50 ft to 50 m/165 ft)
  • Max Time Alarm (30 seconds to 3 minutes)

What settings can be changed manually from COSMIQ?

The following settings can be changed manually from COSMIQ:

Scuba Mode

  • Air Mix (Oxygen 21% to 40%)

Freedive Mode

  • Max Depth Alarm (15 meters / 50 feet to 50 meters / 165 feet)
  • Max Time Alarm (30 seconds to 3 minutes)

How do I upgrade the firmware on COSMIQ?

Periodic over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades will be made available through the Deepblu app. In order to install a firmware upgrade, you must sync COSMIQ with the Deepblu app and press Update.

What visual/audio alarm systems does COSMIQ include?

COSMIQ uses a number of visual and audible alarms to warn you of potentially dangerous situations while diving. It also includes the option of setting depth and time alarms according to your own preference. There are numerous different situations where an alarm will sound:

All Modes

  • Battery Power Low
  • COSMIQ Shutting Down

Scuba Mode

  • Safe Ascent Rate Exceeded
  • CNS >80%
  • CNS >85%
  • MOD Exceeded
  • Nearing No-Decompression Limit
  • No-Decompression Limit Exceeded
  • Depth Alarm
  • Time Alarm
  • Safety Stop Completed

Freedive Mode

  • Max Depth
  • Max Time
  • Surface Interval

Bottom Timer Node

  • Safe Ascent Rate Exceeded

How many logs does COSMIQ save?

COSMIQ will save dive data for up to 25 dives at a time. Dive logs cannot be deleted from COSMIQ itself. Once 25 dives are logged, any additional dive record will overwrite the oldest log. Deepblu suggests that you upload dive data to the Deepblu app as often as possible so you don’t lose any of your log data.

Can I delete my dive log on COSMIQ?

Dive logs cannot be deleted from COSMIQ itself.

Do previously uploaded dive logs get replicated every time it syncs with a COSMIQ?

No. The Deepblu app will recognise previous dive logs that have already been uploaded and will not duplicate your data.

Where can I find the Product Manual for COSMIQ?

The COSMIQ Product Manual is available in the “Download” section of our website. To view or download the Product Manual, click here.

What kind of charger does COSMIQ use?

The COSMIQ charger has a proprietary connector with two pins and a magnet to keep it in place. The charger can draw power from any standard USB Type-A connector, the most common type of USB connector found on nearly all computers and chargers.

How long does the battery last before it needs to be charged?

The COSMIQ battery has an estimated run time of 6 to 7 hours of continuous usage, but given the various factors that affect battery usage, it is best to exercise caution and charge COSMIQ as often as possible. The battery will last for 500 full-cycle charges before gradually diminishing in capacity.

Battery Indicator Battery Power Status/ Instructions

60% - 100% Battery power is at high level.

30% - 60% Battery power is at medium level.

10% - 30% Battery is at low level, charge COSMIQ when possible.

0% - 10% Battery is about to expire. Charge COSMIQ immediately. Do not attempt to dive.

Can I replace the battery?

No, the COSMIQ battery cannot be replaced except by Deepblu. If you attempt to replace the battery on your own, you will forfeit your warranty. In the future, we will offer a battery replacement service for a fee.

How do I attach the NATO Wrist Strap to the COSMIQ or a BCD?

Your COSMIQ comes with a NATO wrist strap that can be worn on the wrist or attached directly to a BCD. The strap has a quick-release design and is easily interchangeable with the bungee cord that is also included with the COSMIQ. To attach the NATO strap to your COSMIQ or a BCD, please follow the instructions below.

1. Thread the strap through both the openings on the back of the computer with the velcro side facing the dive computer.

2. Create a loop by bending the strap back and threading the velcro end through the first metal clasp on the other side of the strap. Threading the strap through only this first clasp will fit bigger wrists.

3. For smaller wrists, thread the strap again through the last metal clasps before sealing the velcro.

4. Slip your wrist through the loop and secure the strap by bending it back across the clasp and fasten the velcro onto itself.

5. An additional way to view your COSMIQ is by attaching it directly to your BCD. Simply follow Steps 1 to 3 as above. Note you will need to insert the NATO strap from the top opening of the COSMIQ to view it the right way up. Loop and secure the strap with the D-ring on your BCD.

What is the bungee cord for?

Each COSMIQ comes with a bungee cord that can be used as an alternative strap for those who require more flexibility, for example when you are wearing a thick exposure suit such as a dry suit. Please follow the instructions below to attach the bungee cord to your COSMIQ.

1. Prepare your COSMIQ Dive Computer and bungee cord.

2. Thread both ends of the bungee cord through the opening at the bottom of COSMIQ to form a large loop extending from the bottom of the dive computer. Leave about 3 - 5 cm of the cord through the opening.

3. Going inwards, wrap the cord around three times on each side so you end up with the two ends of the cord in the middle of the dive computer facing upwards.

4. Tie 2 knots with the two ends of the bungee cord, and cut off the excess bungee

5. Thread the loop through the opening on the other side of the dive computer.

6. Tie a knot to prevent the bungee from slipping back through the opening. Make sure the opening is a good fit for your wrist and it is done.

What kind of warranty does COSMIQ come with?

The COSMIQ Dive Computer comes with a two-year global non-transferrable warranty covering all manufacturing defects, design flaws and workmanship. Deepblu will, during the warranty period, replace any damaged or defective COSMIQ Dive Computers with a new unit. The full text of the warranty is available in the Product Manual and on our website.

How do I activate my warranty?

Your warranty is automatically activated the first time you pair COSMIQ with your smartphone.

For more information please visit the COSMIQ warranty page.

How do I claim warranty for my COSMIQ?

If you notice any manufacturing defects or design faults with your Deepblu product, please submit a warranty claim using the online warranty claim form.

Upon receiving a claim, our support team will conduct an initial evaluation to determine if the information submitted is accurate and if the problem is covered under the warranty terms. We will try to respond to your claim within two business days. We may request additional information from you.

If the product is deemed defective, we will approve the RMA and kindly request you to ship the defective product to our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. When we receive the package, we will conduct a second evaluation to determine the legitimacy of the claim. If approved, we will send a replacement unit to you free of charge.

Please note that claimants are responsible for the cost of shipping a defective unit to our headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Deepblu will cover the cost of shipping the replacement unit.

How do I clean and maintain COSMIQ and the wrist band? Will it smell bad?

As with any piece of underwater equipment, you will need to rinse your COSMIQ with clean fresh water after diving. Wipe dry or air-dry in a cool, shaded area. For a more thorough clean, we recommend that you remove the wrist band from the COSMIQ to wash separately in warm water and mild detergent before drying.

The NATO wrist band is made out of ballistic nylon and stainless steel which is highly durable and resistant to bacterial growth. So long as you clean and dry the wrist band after every dive, it will not smell.

My COSMIQ turned on during a flight and entered Scuba Mode. Is it defective?

No, it is most likely that you’re the altitude setting on your COSMIQ was set to above 300 m/985 ft, at which time the COSMIQ pressure sensor constantly detects the ambient pressure in the atmosphere. During a flight, the rapid change in pressure may cause COSMIQ to enter Scuba Mode. To avoid this situation, it is very important that you always set the altitude setting to sea level when you are not diving and ALWAYS turn off COSMIQ when on a flight. You can turn off the COSMIQ by pressing and holding both buttons for 3 seconds.

How do I register my COSMIQ?

COSMIQ is automatically registered when you pair COSMIQ with the Deepblu mobile app for the first time. It’s very important for you to are logged in to your personal Deepblu account when you first pair your COSMIQ with the app.

How do I pair COSMIQ with the Deepblu app?

In order to use the Deepblu app to change the settings on your COSMIQ, or to upload dive data, you must pair your COSMIQ with the app. To begin, ensure that Blue-tooth is enabled on your smartphone. Note that on some Android versions, you must also enable location settings.

On the COSMIQ, navigate to Sync Mode using the MODE button. A countdown of 1 minute and 30 seconds will begin on the screen.

At the same time, access the Deepblu app and press COSMIQ in the main menu. The app will automatically start to scan for your COSMIQ. Once it detects your COSMIQ, it will begin the pairing process. If multiple COSMIQ units are around, the one that is nearest to the phone will be at the top.

When the pairing process is complete, the COSMIQ Menu will appear with 3 options:

  • Create Logs: upload dive data from COSMIQ to the app.
  • COSMIQ Settings: change the settings on your COSMIQ.
  • Rename: personalize your COSMIQ by giving it a name.

Note: You only need to pair your COSMIQ with the Deepblu app once. After the first pair, the app will recognize COSMIQ as long as the Blue-tooth setting is enabled on your mobile device.

How do I upload my logs to the Deepblu app?

To upload dive data from COSMIQ to the Deepblu app, navigate to Sync Mode on COSMIQ using the MODE button. A countdown of 1 minute and 30 seconds will begin on the screen.

On the Deepblu app, press COSMIQ. The COSMIQ Menu will appear with 3 options. Choose Create Logs. COSMIQ will automatically begin to upload your logs to the Deepblu app.

Note: COSMIQ will only transfer each log to the app once. After that, they will remain on the COSMIQ until overwritten by newer logs.

Can I pair COSMIQ with more than one device?

Yes, you can pair COSMIQ with multiple Blue-tooth-enabled devices. Ensure that you are signed in to your personal Deepblu account the first time you pair your COSMIQ. This is how we link your COSMIQ to your account for registration and warranty purposes.

How can I sync my logs from COSMIQ again?

Once you’ve synced your logs from COSMIQ, they are all safely stored in the Deepblu Cloud. The Deepblu app recognizes previous dive logs that have already been uploaded and will not duplicate them. If you’ve deleted logs in the app, you can restore them.

How long does shipping take to my country?

Once your order is placed, processing can take 3 to 5 days. Shipping can take an additional 3 to 5 days. This does not include backorders.

What shipping companies will deliver my COSMIQ?

Customers have the choice of DHL or FedEx for shipping.

How do I get the tracking number for my order?

We will send you an email with your tracking number as soon as your order is shipped.

Do I have to pay customs taxes?

Additional customs duties may apply to your shipment depending on the country you live in. Customers are responsible for paying any customs duties or additional charges that may apply to your shipment. Please check your country’s customs tax policies for more information.

Can you split my order into two shipments?

Sorry, we don't split orders. If you like to make separate payments, you will need to send through another order via our Shop.

Can you ship a part of the order to a different address?

Sorry, we do not offer this service. You will need to send through another order via our Shop to ship to a different address.

What are the payment options at the Deepblu Shop?

There are two payment options at the Deepblu Shop:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card (AMEX, Mastercard, Visa)

What is your refund policy?

All COSMIQ sales are final. We have a strict no-refund policy. Exchanges will be provided in the case of manufacturing defects. In the event that you experience a fault with COSMIQ within the warranty period, please submit a warranty claim through our website, to initiate the process of obtaining a replacement.

What is the Deepblu Sales Ambassador Program and how do I qualify?

The Sales Ambassador Program is a direct sales program for dive professionals.

Deepblu Sales Ambassadors are dive instructors and dive guides acting as direct sales representatives for Deepblu, promoting the COSMIQ Dive Computer to their students and other divers. Any dive professional with an active professional-level certification can apply to become a Sales Ambassador.

Read more about our Sales Ambassador Program.

What is a COSMIQ Reseller?

COSMIQ Resellers are dive shops, dive resorts and liveaboards who act as retailers for Deepblu, selling COSMIQ to their customers.

Read more about our COSMIQ Reseller Program.

Can I become a wholesale distributor for Deepblu?

At Deepblu we have a multi-channel distribution model which relies on direct sales, e-commerce, and wholesale distribution through Deepblu Sales Ambassadors and COSMIQ Resellers. If your company operates a dive shop, dive resort or liveaboard you are welcome to join our COSMIQ Reseller Program. We do not offer any exclusive distribution rights in any location.

Do I need to own COSMIQ to use Deepblu?

No, Deepblu is free and available to any diver who wants to log their dives digitally. Go to to access Deepblu on the Web or download the app at the App Store or Google Play.

Is Deepblu available on the Web?

Yes! The Deepblu platform is now accessible across mobile and desktop devices. Go to to sign in to Deepblu using your existing Deepblu account or create a new one.

I’m using a Safari's Private Browsing mode but can’t access Deepblu.

We are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it. Please use Safari in the regular browsing mode or switch to an alternate browser.

Can I chat with my buddies?

Currently, there is no way to send messages between Deepblu user.

How do I turn off push notifications?

You will need to go into your phone’s settings menu to disable notifications for the Deepblu app. Consult the manual for your phone on how to do this.

How do I change the measurement units in the app?

Open the main menu and go to App Settings.

You can now choose between metric and imperial units for air pressure and other measurements.

I found a bug. How do I report it?

To alert our development team of a bug or to send other feedback about the app, go into the main menu and select App Feedback.

Choose a category for your feedback. Please write a detailed description of your issue, attach any screenshots by tapping the Camera icon and tap Post to send the report to us.

What Apple devices is the Deepblu app/COSMIQ compatible with?

Currently, the app is compatible with iPhone 5 and above. All Apple devices must be running iOS 8 or higher. While the Deepblu app technically works on iPad 3 and above, the user experience is not optimized for tablets and you may encounter glitches on the iPad. We are working on a better experience on tablet computers.

Can I import dive data/logs from 3rd party dive computers to Deepblu?

While you can currently not directly import logs from 3rd-party computers into the Deepblu app, we have two options to create digital dive logs on Deepblu:

  1. You can transfer dive data from your dive computer to the Deepblu web platform using Subsurface. Subsurface is open-source software that is compatible with a wide range of dive computers. We have step-by-step instructions on how to use Subsurface with Deepblu. Click the Create icon in the top right-hand corner and choose Upload 3rd party file for instructions.
  2. You can manually create a dive log using the app or on the website.

Where are my dive logs stored?

All dive logs are stored in our free cloud service and are accessible when your sign into your Deepblu account from any device. Even if you change phones or reinstall the app, your dive data will always be safe in the Deepblu cloud.

How do I edit my logs after I submit them?

Find the log you wish to edit, tap the three dots in the lower right corner, and choose Edit.

Update dive type, location, and any extra details. Use the buttons at the bottom to add notes, conditions, gear and buddies.

When you’re done, tap Submit. Android users can also tap Preview to see the log before they submit. The app will ask you to confirm before submitting.

Can I restore a deleted dive log?

Yes! As all dive logs are stored in the Deepblu Cloud, you will be able to restore them easily.

iOS: Go to your User Profile, tap Dive Logs, then tap Trash Bin. Swipe left on the log you want to restore, tap the restore icon and confirm. Your log will now be moved from the Trash Bin to the List.

Android: Go to your User Profile, tap Dive Logs, then tap Trash Bin. Select one or more logs you want to restore by tapping them. Hit Recover Logs to restore your log. It will now be moved from the Trash Bin to the List.

Why can’t I submit my dive log?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to submit your log.

First, check your internet connection. You must be connected to the internet in order to submit a log. If this isn't the problem, ensure that the Country, Dive Site and Dive Spot Locations fields have been completed.

Can I share my log with my buddies?

Currently the only way to share your log with your friends is by sharing it on Facebook, or if your log is chosen to be posted on the Discover Wall. However, you can tag your buddies and they will be able to see your log in their Dive Log History. Additionally, they can access your entire collection of public logs by accessing your profile.

Can other people see my log on the Discover Logs? Why is my log not on there?

Deepblu Logs is a list of logs hand-picked by the Deepblu team, followed by user logs as they come in from our users. If we find your log particularly enticing, we may feature your log in the Deepblu Logs section.

For a better chance of getting featured, add as much detail as you can to your dive log! Create a more interactive log by adding more vibrant photos or videos of your dive. We also love to read your personal dive stories, see what you saw and who you went diving with. In short, take us on your dive adventure!

How can I get my dive instructor/dive guide to verify my dive log?

First you need to add your instructor as a buddy on Deepblu.

You can let your instructor or dive guide verify your dive log when you are creating or editing a dive log. On the edit screen, tap the Add Buddies button at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Verification tab. This will show all of your buddies that are Deepblu-verified Divemasters, Instructors or higher. Pick the one you wish to verify your log. Tap Done in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Your instructor will receive a notification to verify your log. If they accept your request, you will receive a notification. You can now check the details of your dive log by pressing the Book icon in the top right corner. Verified logs will show a verification banner.

I am a dive instructor. How do I verify a dive log?

Depending on your phone settings, you may receive a pop-up message from Deepblu which will take you to Notifications. You can also choose Notifications from the main menu.

In Notifications, you will be able to view all activities related to you and other Deepblu users, including requests to verify dive logs. Tap the notification to see the dive log in question.

Carefully check whether the diver has executed their dive correctly and make your decision whether or not to verify their dive. You will be able to see your verification by accessing the user’s Dive Log Story.

How do I add photos into my dive log?

In order to add photos to your dive log, they must first be transferred from your digital camera to the Camera Roll/Gallery on your smartphone. Once they are on your Camera Roll/Gallery you can add photos to individual dive logs by selecting the photo icon on the bottom left corner of the Create Log screen.

Also, you can use Deepblu’s DiveLink Wi-Fi SD Card to upload your dive photos directly from your digital camera to the Deepblu app. For instructions on how the DiveLink Wi-Fi SD Card works, please see below.

How are the photos aligned on the interactive dive profile slider?

Photos are aligned on the interactive dive profile slider in two ways:

According to time and depth – In some cases, the Deepblu app is able to pinpoint the exact time and depth at which each of your photos was taken by syncing data from time stamp (EXIF file) on your photos with the dive data uploaded from the COSMIQ Dive Computer. If the data from the EXIF file from your photos matches the dive data from COSMIQ, photos will be placed on the slider according to the depth and time at which they were taken. In such cases, the photos will be represented by blue dots.

Evenly-spaced - Dive photos uploaded to logs created from scratch will be spaced evenly on the interactive dive profile slider. Also, photos in dive logs using dive data uploaded from COSMIQ may be spaced evenly if the dive data and photo data cannot be synced. If your photo is represented by a white dot it means that the photos have been spaced evenly.

Why aren't all my photos aligned according to the time when the photo was taken on the interactive dive profile slider?

There are three reasons why your photos may not be positioned according to the depth and time at which they were taken:

  1. The time stamp of your photos does not match the time data from COSMIQ.
  2. The data from the EXIF file is missing (this often happens when you share photos through an app).
  3. You chose a cover photo; This puts that photo as the first photo on the slider.

How many videos can I upload to my dive logs?

You can upload one video with each dive log.

If my dive spot isn’t there, how do I add it?

If your dive spot does not exist on our Dive Site Map, you can add it to our database.


First, in the Create Log section of the app, select the country and then press Dive Site. Next, scroll to the bottom of the list of existing dive sites until you see the Add New Dive Spot button. Press it, select the country and dive site (region). Enter the name of the Dive Spot manually and then drag the flag to the correct spot on the map. Enter the Dive Site and Dive Spot name manually.


In the Create Log section of the app, select the country and then press Dive Site. Next, press Add Dive Spot. Drag the flag to the correct spot on the map and enter the Dive Site and Dive Spot name manually.

Can I delete a dive spot? I added one by mistake.

Currently you cannot edit or delete a dive spot if you added one incorrectly to the app. However, please send feedback with a screenshot and details of the dive spot so that we can delete it for you.

Why can’t I see my newly added dive spot in the map?

Once you add a new dive spot, our team at Deepblu will review the information and add it to the Deepblu platform after ensuring its accuracy. You will be able to see your new dive spot 1 to 2 weeks after it is verified.

How do I report an incorrect dive spot?

Please use the App Feedback function, and include a screenshot and details of the dive spot so that we can delete it for you.

How can I become a Pro Diver? How does it benefit me?

If you're a Dive Instructor, Divemaster or Dive Guide, you can apply to be a Pro Diver by simply signing up on the Deepblu app.

Go to the User Settings page of your profile and select your certification level. If it is a professional-level certification two additional tabs will appear: one for your certification number and the other for a picture of your certification.

Add your certification number and a photo of the information page of your diving certification to your account. Once you do so, the Deepblu Team will verify your status as a dive pro and grant you access as a Pro Diver.

Pro Divers will be able to digitally verify/sign dive logs on the Deepblu app. Your students can send you verification requests for their dives, which you can respond to with the touch of a button. So long as you and your students are connected on Deepblu, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of stamping and signing paper dive logs!

How do I create a Deepblu account?

You can sign up for a Deepblu account through the Deepblu app or at using your email or Facebook account.

Sales Ambassadors and COSMIQ Resellers who are approved will have an account created automatically.

How do I reset my Deepblu password?

You can reset your password on the Login page of the Deepblu app and on the Login page of

Where can I find my Deepblu ID?

Your Deepblu ID is displayed underneath your profile picture on your Deepblu profile on the web, or on the Profile page in the Deepblu app.

What are the service and support options for COSMIQ?

We have dedicated customers service and support teams who are always ready and willing to answer your questions.

If your queries are related to Warranty enquiries, please first go to the Warranty page to understand the procedures.

For technical support for COSMIQ:

For technical support for the Deepblu app, please use the App Feedback function in the main menu of the Deepblu app.

For information about product sales, Sales Ambassador Program or the COSMIQ Reseller Program:

For general inquiries: You can also contact us via Facebook!