HR Manager/ Director

Job Description:

  • Talent management: identifying and prioritizing current and future talent requirement, and executing a recruitment plan
  • Planning, executing, monitoring and optimizing HR regulations
  • Communicating effectively with team members, promoting company values and building up a positive working environment
  • Facilitating necessary retention & engagement activities to retain and motivate talent
  • Planning and executing activities to enhance team cohesion
  • Developing a proper training plan to facilitate talent development
  • Designing and implementing an effective compensation system
  • Managing and monitoring daily office administration and formulating an admin function work plan
  • Drafting, controlling and monitoring the administration budget
  • Managing office facilities


  • A bachelor degree and at least 6 years of relevant experience in Internet or E-commerce; start-up experience is a plus
  • Strong knowledge of local labor and safety laws as well as employee regulations
  • Professionalism, integrity, a strong work ethic, maturity and the ability to work independently
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fondness of diving or outdoor activities
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