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Product Manager


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Job Description


  • Experience in at least one or two fields listed as following: social community, traveling, e-commerce, shared platform or online advertisement. Ability to write product requirement spec.
  • Liaise with Community Marketing Team and co-founders to determine function requirements and priority
  • Familiar with software project management, including but not limited to solution and data evaluation, planning, analyzing and development cycle, and user acceptance testing
  • Familiar with Agile Scrum and acted as PO
  • Team player and great communicator
  • Experience and passion in improving app and implementing user experience.
  • 對於社群, 旅遊, 電商, 共享平台及廣告投放, 其中一至二項經驗,且具備產品文件撰寫能力者。
  • 與市場及創辦人充分溝通,了解功能需求及判斷需求的優先權。
  • 管理軟體開發專案之流程(如:前置規劃、流程分析、解決方案評估、系統分析、系統設計、系統開發、資料驗證、系統測試、使用者測試)。
  • 熟悉Agile Scrum運作,有擔任PO經驗者。
  • 良好的團隊合作及溝通能力,具備高EQ,協助排除團隊的困難。
  • 對改善APP, Web前後端使用者經驗,有強烈的企圖心與經驗。



  • Scuba diving certificate
  • Experience in Global B2C mobile projects
  • 具潛水執照及經驗(等級不限)。
  • 具有Global B2C 移動產品經驗者。